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Medical Clinics and Emergency Care

Medical Clinics

       Our first Nurturing Nations medical clinic was held in January of 2018 near Kofi Kwei, Ghana.  These events provide a valuable service to the surrounding communities where access to appropriate medical care is extremely limited.  We work In connection with the Ghanaian Health Department, local doctors and nurses to educate about how to receive proper medical care. Many who come to the clinics have never been seen by a trained doctor before.  Attendees frequently receive malaria screenings and vision screenings in addition to being examined by a trained professional. Multivitamins are distributed to children to help with malnutrition.  Hundreds of patients who would otherwise have no access to medical care have attended our clinics over the years.  At one clinic 49 percent of those tested for malaria tested positive.  These clinics are saving lives.  

Medical Facility

     Nurturing Nations Medical Facility is located in the Assin Adadientem Region near Cape Coast, Ghana.  Construction began in August 2018. The foundation was dug and a portion of the walls were built by two groups of volunteers involved in our Humanitarian Trips.   This facility is a much needed resource for trained doctors to be able to provide competent medical care for the Assin Adadientem community, where proper medical care is extremely rare.  In August of 2023 the construction phase was completed.  This facility will become a local hub for medical personnel to treat people who would otherwise have much difficulty obtaining life saving medical care.  

Emergency Care

Junior Mark Two.jpg

Junior Mark, pictured above, was hit by a motorcycle.  With help from Nurturing Nations this young boy was able to receive the care he needed and is alive and well today. 

    In Ghana many people living in poverty have no access to medical care.  Payment is required before treatment, making it extremely difficult for those living in poverty to cope with emergency medical needs.  Individuals often go without care as a result, even in situations where lives are on the line and prompt medical attention is needed. Nurturing Nations provides medical insurance and pays for necessary care with a special emphasis on helping young mothers and children, including victims of rape and abandonment. 

Female Hygiene Project


     Nurturing Nations distributes Female Hygiene Kits to our students and gives training on how to use these supplies.  Without this, female students would have to stay home from school during their period.  Missing school so frequently can impact a girl's test scores and chances of success in her education.  These basic supplies give our girls their best chance at success and the education they deserve.   

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