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School and Safe House

A Safe Haven


       This project is at the heart of Nurturing Nations. Our School and Safe House provide a safe place to learn and grow for children of all abilities and economic backgrounds.  Through education we empower children by giving them the tools they need to break free from poverty, prejudice, and abuse.  Lives are already being changed for the better in this unique facility.  Nurturing Nations School officially opened in Fall 2018.  The Safe House was opened in 2019. 

      Nurturing Nations School, Safe House, and Special Care House have truly been a labor of love, built by the sacrifices and generosity of so many friends of Nurturing Nations who have cared enough to help us create this wonderful institution which will protect and educate the children who need us so desperately.  

      Land in Kofi Kwei, Ghana was purchased in the fall of 2013, and construction began the following year.  Our first priority was to construct the Mothers Wall which surrounds the Nurturing Nations campus, protecting the students who live and study there. 

       The Nurturing Nations campus is a much needed haven for innocent children who are being persecuted and killed due to disabilities, and children at risk of trafficking. We want all children to live and grow in a place where they are valued and helped to reach their potential.  The Nurturing Nations campus is unique in the Kofi Kwei region, because it accepts and nurtures children of all abilities and economic backgrounds.  Our school is a growing force for good to challenge and dispel prejudices and promote the idea that all lives have value. 


        In 2018, little Kwaku turned up at the gate of Nurturing Nations campus.  His stomach was distended with hunger and he had been abandoned by his family.  He heard about our school and walked over a mile by himself to get there, hoping that someone would help him.  Kwaku has joined our Sponsorship Program, and his story is evidence that word of our school and our mission are spreading, giving hope to Kwaku and others like him who have nowhere else to turn. 

Empowerment Through Education

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." 

                                           ~Nelson Mandela

         By giving a child an education, they receive more than a basic grasp of academic subjects.  Their mind is opened to new possibilities, and their paths to success are cleared of many of the obstacles which poverty, disability, and other disadvantages can place in their way.  In Ghana, there is no public education.  For many families, the cost of a private education is far beyond their ability to afford, but without this education, children have little hope of finding employment as adults that could bring them out of poverty.  Nurturing Nations school can bring an end to this cycle of poverty in the lives of our students, and one by one we will change the world.  

     In the fall of 2018, six-year-old Mawupema became the first official student of Nurturing Nations school.  For Mawupema, Nurturing Nations school provides hope for a brighter future.  As a child living in poverty, few options would be available to Mawupema without an education.  Mawupema is the first of many who are benefiting from the life-changing power of education.  

First student.png

Clean Water

Water Source Before


      Drilling a well at our School and Safe Home proved to be quite a challenge, but we now have clean drinking water for the children at the school as well as the surrounding community.  Clean water is vital for good health and optimized learning for the students of our school. In Africa, safe water sources are difficult to come by, and many children have no choice but to drink water from unclean rivers or ponds, despite the high risk of contracting water borne diseases.  Access to clean water is life changing for our students and will decrease absences from school due to water borne disease.   

Clean Water!

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