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Sponsorship Program

       Our Sponsorship Program matches students with sponsors, giving children who would otherwise not receive an education a chance to go to school.  A monthly fee covers a student's tuition, school uniform, books, paper for exams, and school lunch.  Our Sponsorship Plus students receive all of these benefits as well as a home and care in our Safe House. 

       For many students in our program, the school lunch provided through the program is the only meal they can count on having in a day.  Alleviating the stress of near constant hunger provides a range of other benefits.  Children are able to focus better on their schoolwork when they aren't preoccupied with the pangs of hunger and wondering where they can find their next meal.  School lunch also alleviates stress from the students' families, making it less likely that the children would be sold to child traffickers. 

         Education changes the lives of our Sponsorship Program Students.  Many studies have shown that a child's chance of survival dramatically increases if they can learn to read.  For these children, attending school opens a world of opportunities where they can pursue their dreams and become whoever they want to be.     Our program also instills the students with a sense of self-worth because someone cared enough to give them this chance.  Many of our students have been abandoned by their parents.  Knowing that someone cares about them and their future truly means the world to them.  

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     In Ghana, school supplies are not typically provided by the school. This means that if a child cannot afford paper or a pencil, for example, to take their end-of-level exams, the child cannot advance.  For many children this presents a serious hindrance to their education.  This obstacle is removed through our Sponsorship Program, by providing children with the tools they need to succeed at school. 

       All Sponsorship Program Students are carefully monitored by Percy and the school staff to ensure that the students are attending school and progressing in their educational goals.  Sponsors can communicate with their student through letters and can receive occasional updates.  Sponsors find our program very rewarding because it allows them to change an individual's life on a personal, one by one basis. All donations toward the Sponsorship Program go directly to help the children in need.   

Our Schools


       Land has been purchased in La-Accra, Ghana where we are in the process of building a new school.  A school giving street children and children with disabilities the opportunity to attend school who otherwise wouldn't be able to. This school will be life changing for over 350 children. The school building will be a place of safety for children who have no place to go.  Giving children an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.  

      Nurturing Nations School is located near Kofi Kwei, Ghana. This school has been built from the ground up by Nurturing Nations donors and occupies the same property as our Safe House.  Nurturing Nations School opened in the fall of 2018, and currently has over 400 children attending school here. Nurturing Nations School is unique because it welcomes students with disabilities who are often shunned in Ghana and not allowed to attend other schools. 

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