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Nurturing Nations School and Safe House 


This project is at the heart of Nurturing Nations. Our School and Children's home provide a safe place to learn and grow for children of all abilities and economic backgrounds.  Through education we empower children by giving them the tools they need to break free from poverty, prejudice, and abuse.  Lives are already being changed for the better, but there is . . .


Village Library 


Villagers of Assin Adadientem worked together with Nurturing Nations since 2013 to construct a community library.  Built on the edge of the jungle, this library serves one hundred rural villages and provides valuable educational resources for the community school which previously had very little access to books of any kind. The impact that the library has had on the students of the area is truly astounding.  [Read more]


Sponsorship Program


Our Sponsorship Program matches students with sponsors, giving children who would otherwise not receive an education a chance to go to school.  A monthly fee covers a student's tuition, school uniform, books, paper for exams, and school lunch.  For many students in our program, school lunch is the only meal they can count on having in a day.  Being able to go to school also . . . 


Nutrition Projects 

Many children in our sponsorship program and children's home cannot afford to eat  regularly, if at all.  What they can eat is often deficient in protein, an important nutrient for growing children.  Our Nutrition projects fight hunger and allow our students to focus on their studies when their bodily needs are provided for.    


Medical Clinic and Emergency Care 

Our Medical Clinic in the Assin Adadientem region will provide much needed medical facilities, and will be the first in the area.  Many are suffering with illnesses which could be cured with access to proper medical care. Our 2017 and 2018 Humanitarian Trip groups were able to . . . 

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